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PHOTO-RESTORE - the name for expert copying and restoration of old photographic images

In the past all this type of work was done using film and then printing on to photo paper retouching all the usual defects, tears, creases, bits missing etc by hand and correcting fading with the use of lens filters or special processing. Digital photography has revolutionised copying techiques and it is a fact that with the use of high class scanners, copying to a very high standard is possible with no loss of quality and detail. The digital image is then worked on with special computer software to give a result superior to the old film/print method. 

However I still prefer to have my prints produced using real photographic paper as I believe the results are superior, not only from the appearance point of view but because photo paper is more robust and has a good record of permanence. The prints that are given to me for restoration were made on traditional paper and my standard service uses photo material which is the modern equivalent. In addition I also offer a pretty unique darkroom service of individual hand printing my copy images to an archive standard: this entails the use of expensive fibre silver-gelatin paper and individual print processing.

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